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Company Background

Meridian Electric Ltd. supplies, installs, and maintains all types of Overhead Cranes, Rigging and Hoisting equipment. The company was established in 1983 and has been operating under the current management since 2000. Geographical areas served include Western Canada and the Northwest Territories.

Products supplied range from a simple Monorail system, to a very complicated variable speed, or explosion proof application. Meridian Electric Ltd. supplies most brands of hoisting equipment, for example, Lift-tech, R &M, Stahl, Ingersoll-Rand, Acco-Wright, Kito, and Columbus McKinnon. Further, Meridian Electric Ltd. installs radio, infra red controls and safety interlock devices.

Hoist and crane installations are certified and stamped by a Professional Engineer where required. Work done in this field by Meridian Electric Ltd. meets or exceed any guidelines and regulations (C.S.A., O.H.&S., A.S.M.E., and A.N.S.I.) in the building, maintaining and installation of lifting equipment. Employees are trained in all hoisting standards and regulations that are used in today's industry. Only manufacturer recommended spare parts, specifications, and procedures are used in repairs or upgrades.

Meridian Electric Ltd. repairs and certifies most types of electrical and pneumatic hoisting equipment, and mechanical lever & hand chain hoists. All structural analysis and certification is performed by an Engineer.

COR Certification

On July 14, 2011, Meridian Electric Ltd. received our COR Certification for the accreditation of our health and safety program. Meridian Electric Ltd. is committed to maintaining a safe working environment and making ongoing improvements to our safety program. This commitment to safety is reflected at all levels of our organization and is reflected in the standard of services provided by Meridian Electric Ltd.


Design, Modification, Removal, Relocation Manufacture, Installation, Service, Test, Repair, Sales and Marketing of:

Lifting Equipment including Hoists, Cranes, Jibs, Monorails, Gantries and associated structures. Mechanical Hoists & Pullers. Festoon, Power Bar and Pendant control systems. Electrical control panels for lifting equipment. Installation of control systems including radio & infrared controls and electrical safety interlocks.

Safety - Training

Our company believes in a safe working environment for both our employees and customers. We have a dynamic safety program in place, with full documentation, that all of our employees follow. Meridian Electric Ltd. employees also follow any on site safety programs or policies implemented by you, our customer. The majority of our employees have First-Aid Level 1, WHMIS, Basic CSTS, and Aerial access equipment training. Our Service Technicians are qualified to complete any job that is required in the Lift Equipment industry.

If you have any questions, technical inquiries, or require a quotation for service or supply, you can contact us toll free 1-866-821-2432, local (780) 447-4473 or fax us at (780) 447-3916. Our E-mail address is