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Design, Modification, Removal, Relocation Manufacture, Installation, Inspection, Service, Test, Repair, Sales and Marketing of:

  • Lifting Equipment including Hoists, Cranes, Jibs, Monorails, Gantries and associated structures.
  • Mechanical Hoists & Pullers. Festoon, Power Bar and Pendant control systems.
  • Electrical control panels for lifting equipment. Installation of control systems including radio & infrared controls and electrical safety interlocks.

The following are some of our suppliers:

Kito Kito - Cranes, Hoists
R&M materials Handling Inc. R&M materials Handling Inc. - Cranes, Hoists
Drivecon Drivecon - Hoisting
Duct-O-Wire duct-o-wire - Hoisting
Cattron Cattron - Overhead Crane
Spanco Spanco - Overhead Crane
Continental Continental - Hoisting Equipment